Game Designs

Title Designer Design Stage
3 Kingdoms Whit Vosburgh Prototype
Airshipping Matt Wolfe Prototype
Aldabas: Doors of Cartagena Josh Mills Published (Grand Gamers Guild)
All the Things Clarence Simpson Prototype
Army Geese & Navy Ducks Felipe Sanchez Prototype
Avalanche at Yeti Mountain Matt Wolfe Published (Green Couch Games)
Before There Were Stars Alex Cutler Published (Smirk & Laughter)
Big Easy Busking Josh Mills Published (Weird Giraffe Games)
Blazon Dave Conklin Published (25th Century)
Bookends Ian Phillips Prototype
Borikén: The Taíno Resistance Julio E. Nazario Upcoming (GMT Games)
Bouncy Acorns Julio E. Nazario Prototype
Bullseye! Mike Belsole Prototype
Championland: Track & Field Julio E. Nazario Upcoming (Button Shy)
Chomp Clarence Simpson Upcoming (Allplay)
Chrono Coven Emilia Zywot and David Marron Prototype
City Rats Mitch Wallace Prototype
Ctrl Julio E. Nazario Published (Pandasaurus Games)
Dark Side of the Mine Matt Haberfeld Prototype
Da Vinci's Notebook Clarence Simpson Prototype
Dice Team Whit Vosburgh Prototype
Dome Sweet Dome James Meyers Prototype
Doomsday Isaac Shalev Prototype
Dulce Julio E. Nazario Published (Stronghold Games)
Elements of Gaming Clarence Simpson Prototype
EMW3 Julio E. Nazario Prototype
Expancity Alex Cutler Published (Breaking Games)
Flick or Treat Julio E. Nazario Published ((Self-Published))
Four Nations at War Felipe Sanchez Prototype
Fourum John Jewell Upcoming (Gold Seal Games)
Franklin & Ghost: Bad Guy Brawl Alex Cutler Upcoming (Deep Water Games)
Fright Falls Quentin Burleson Prototype
Fruit Fingers John Jewell Prototype
Galaxy Alpha Team Mark McGee Prototype
Ghost House Clarence Simpson Prototype
Heads Will Roll Alex Cutler Published (Lay Waste Games)
Henhouse Matt Wolfe Prototype
Holi: Festival of Colors Julio E. Nazario Published (Floodgate Games)
Horns of Harlem Clarence Simpson Prototype
It's a Trap! Emilia Zywot and David Marron Prototype
Junfa: Struggle for China Felipe Sanchez Prototype
Just Right Mitch Wallace Prototype
Kintsugi Mark McGee Published (Button Shy)
Kites Mitch Wallace Prototype
Letters from the Otherside Clarence Simpson Upcoming (
Loot or Shoot Whit Vosburgh Prototype
Love It <--> Leave It John Jewell Prototype
Merchants of Magick Clarence Simpson Published (Rock Manor Games)
Milkman Josh Mills Upcoming (Dice Hate Me Games)
Mutton Bustin' Matt Wolfe Upcoming (25th Century)
Peanut Butter Belly Time Julio E. Nazario Published (Nerdy Nuts, LLC)
Perfect Cadence Clarence Simpson Prototype
Pickpockets Isaac Shalev Published (Button Shy)
Pirate Pileup Matt Wolfe Prototype
Planet Builders Matt Wolfe Prototype
Poisoners' Soirée Kevin Ude Mark McGee Prototype
Queensland Matt Wolfe Published (999 Games)
Quilted Mitch Wallace Prototype
Raising Chicago Matt Wolfe Upcoming (Spielworxx)
Rally the Banners Matt Wolfe Prototype
Ravenous River Isaac Shalev Published (Alderac Entertainment Group)
Redcap Ruckus Kevin Ude Published (WizKids)
Retreat to Darkmoor Isaac Shalev Published (Action Phase Games)
Rise Julio E. Nazario Prototype
Rocky Road à la Mode Josh Mills Published (Green Couch Games)
Scenic Matt Wolfe Prototype
Scion Isaac Shalev Prototype
Scoundrel Clarence Simpson Prototype
Seikatsu Isaac Shalev Published (IDW Games)
Seikatsu Enhanced Edition Isaac Shalev Prototype
Shaking the Tree Clarence Simpson Prototype
Show & Tile Isaac Shalev Published (Jellybean Games)
Simulacra: Forest of the Real Ainsley Kalb Prototype
Smug Owls Mike Belsole Upcoming (Runaway Parade Games)
Spacewrecked! Dave Lanier Prototype
Split the Loot Matt Wolfe Prototype
Squaring Circleville Matt Wolfe Published (Spielworxx)
Stoner Parking Lot Alex Cutler Published (Mondo Games)
Strictly Business Matt Wolfe Upcoming
Substitute Art Teacher Matt Wolfe Prototype
Suspicious Alibi Matt Wolfe Prototype
Tatort Tonne Alex Cutler Published (AMIGO)
Team 3 [Green] Alex Cutler Published (Brain Games)
Team 3 [Pink] Alex Cutler Published (Brain Games)
Tether Mark McGee Upcoming (How To Steam Broccoli)
The Politics of Dragons Matt Wolfe Prototype
The Wolves Clarence Simpson Published (Pandasaurus Games)
Top Pop Josh Mills Mark McGee Upcoming (Talon Strikes Studios LLC)
Toyline Quentin Burleson Prototype
Tragikitty and Comedy Cat Clarence Simpson Prototype
Trick Force Quentin Burleson Prototype
Trick or Treat: The Aftermath Mike Belsole Published ((Self-Published))
Tricky Truffles Clarence Simpson Prototype
Unclear Semiotics Ainsley Kalb Prototype
Used Planet Dealer James Meyers Prototype
VNTYPLTS Clarence Simpson Prototype
Waddle Isaac Shalev Published (WizKids)
Waters of Europa Matt Wolfe Prototype
Wild Meadow Mitch Wallace Prototype
Wombat Rescue Matt Wolfe Published (Eagle-Gryphon Games)
Wordworkers Matt Haberfeld Prototype