Borikén: The Taíno Resistance

Publisher: GMT Games

Julio E. Nazario 77  



45-270 minutes


Borikén — that is, modern-day Puerto Rico — is now home to a people that proudly trace their heritage back to its Taíno, African, and Spanish roots. These three different cultures were brought together by some of the worst measures of the human condition — greed, slavery, and genocide — but the result is a vibrant culture, rich with history and traditions, and known for its beauty and passion.

The Taíno people are gone, but they live on through the people who are trying to connect the broken pieces of their culture almost five hundred years later. To that end, this game tells the story of Borikén through the eyes of the Taíno people, a people who existed and faced their own challenges even before the Spanish arrived on their shores (pre-1493), who rallied together to try to rid their home of the overwhelming invaders (1493-1512), and in failing to do so had to make hard sacrifices so that a few might survive (1512-1529).

In designing and developing Borikén: The Taíno Resistance, we decided that in an effort to convey a holistic picture of the Taíno people, no part of their story could be left out, so the campaign game combines three unique scenarios, each covering one of the three eras of Taíno history, focusing on the type of conflict in which the Taíno people were engaged.

These three game scenarios can be played individually as standalone games or played as a three-part campaign in which the end state of each game serves as the set up for the next. Each game scenario accommodates 2-4 players and takes between 45-90 minutes to play.

—description from the publisher