Poisoners' Soirée

Kevin Ude 11  


Mark McGee 40  





       In Victorian Europe women in unfortunate circumstances would, on occasion, form “poison clubs.” The intent of these societies was to devise plots to poison their husbands as an escape from an unwanted marriage. In Poisoners’ Soirée you are in such a club, and find yourself at a high society tea party with the opportunity to poison your unwitting husband! But wait... though you wish your fellow socialites success in their poisoning endeavours, too many deaths may attract the attention of the constable.

In Poisoners' Soirée you literally are scooping ingredients from a bowl using a spoon, then using the scoop as a sort of I-pick-you-choose with another player. Every turn is a double-sided negotiation, I want you to give away a bit of your secret in return for a bit of my secret. I set the terms (to the best of my scooping ability), but you decide whether we’re hinting at information or acting on what we already know. This is no game of memorization where you’re trying to trick people or force their hand. This is a civilized contest of deducing your opponents desires and ruining them through gifts. All that while scooping cubes with a spoon, & killing husbands.