Da Vinci's Notebook

Clarence Simpson 26  





It is 500 years after the death of Leonardo da Vinci. Your team of researchers has found torn scraps from da Vinci's notebook and have been discovering secret messages hidden within. Reassemble the sketches before time runs out!

Players are randomly dealt four Sketch cards each. Each card is held in-hand either face-in or face-out. Cards may be flipped to provide valuable information to the team, but communication is restricted throughout the game.

Together, you must pass and flip cards trying to make sure that each player ends up with a complete and in-order set of Sketch cards before time runs out. But cards can only be passed in one direction depending on their orientation. All players win or lose together as a team.

Da Vinci’s Notebook includes a mini-campaign of 10 levels to extend these core mechanics into a robust and varied game experience. Level 1 starts out very simple to get your group accustomed to the core mechanics. But as your group progresses, more complexity, challenges, and powers will gradually be introduced level by level, as more Perk, Paranoia, and Clue Ability cards are added to the table.