Publisher: Allplay

Clarence Simpson 26  



20 minutes


NOTE: Original prototype known as Dino Dinner Time

The era of the dinosaurs is here! Our goal in Chomp is to form herds of Dinos, and make sure they are all fed. Herbivores and Carnivores both need food sources, but if the Carnies are not properly fed, they don’t mind chomping an Herbie to fill their bellies!

Gameplay involves dual rows of Goal Tiles and Dino Tiles, and each turn, players select one tile to add to their personal arrangement. Goal Tiles stay off to the side for end-game scoring, and Dino Tiles are arranged in front of each player. Dino Tiles include three sizes each of Herbivores and Carnivores. Each tile must overlap previous ones, either on top of a quarter tile, half tile, or even a whole tile, ensuring that any covered Dinos are completely hidden.

Adjacent Dinos of the same species form Herds, which will eat together if connected to a single food source, or die together if they are unfed, adjacent to a tar pit, or next to an otherwise unfed Carnivore!

At the end of the game, each living and fed Dino will score 1, 2, or 3 points depending on size, and the player with the highest score will win the game!

—description from the publisher