TantrumCon 2023

  • February 21, 2023 5:45 PM

Several members will be attending TantrumCon in Charlotte, NC from February 24-26. Come check out our latest prototypes! You can indicate your interest on the prototype list.

Nate Bivins will be around somewhere.
  • Papers Please Stamp Me

John Jewell will be in the Camp Prototype area Friday 4:30-7:30pm.
  • Anatolia: Help the Sultan rebuild the Ottoman Empire. Mid-weight engine builder with a unique double-use dice mechanic.
  • Footsie: Cooperative game of hidden information and foot-based communication where you organize each group of similar cards together into a player’s hand.
  • Four Forests: Set collection game where you make secret votes to determine how each set is scored.
  • Fruit Fingers: You and the other monkeys have taken over Bangkok’s floating market. Steal fruit without capsizing the boat. Frantic silly dexterity game.
  • Is It Food?: You're early humans who have left the safety of your cave, but you don't know if these plants are food or not! Exploration & negotiation game - try to avoid starving or getting violently ill.
  • Neighborhoods: Negotiation and hand management where you organize a street of ‘houses’ (cards) so your ladies, tigers, colors, and dragons are grouped with their neighbors who share common interests and attitudes.

David Lanier will be in the Camp Prototype area Friday 9:30am-12:30pm.
  • Spacewrecked!: An exciting, social, 2-8 player competitive asymmetrical team game in space. Each team is battling for limited food and technology to see who will live to fight another day!

Jon Lowman will be at the Lowtek Games booth Friday and Saturday.
  • Miniature Adventures: A lightweight adventure card game inspired by 16-bit RPG classics.

Mark McGee will be at the How to Steam Broccoli booth all weekend. 
  •  Tether: A "mirror deck" card game for 2 players/teams about connecting astronauts together.

Julio Nazario will be around somewhere.
  • Free Hand: Party game coming from Stronghold Games later this year.

Aaron Scott-Hodgin will be in the Camp Prototype area on Friday from 1-4pm.
  • Mall Crawl Paper Doll:  A 2-4 player family-weight game that blurs the line between role playing and engine-building strategy. Players will work together to complete a series of absurd scenarios in stores throughout the mall, but only one player will win the costume contest at the end.

Clarence Simpson will be in the Camp Prototype area on Saturday from 1-4pm. He'll also be running demos of The Wolves and Chomp.
  • Horns of Harlem: Manage a jazz band during the Harlem Renaissance.
  • VNTYPLTS: Party game about creating vanity license plates

Kevin Ude will be in the Camp Prototype area on Friday from 1-4pm, and can also be found at the How to Steam Broccoli booth.
  • The Great Victorian RPS Monster Confrontation
  • Ninja Death Party
  • Poisoners’ Soirée: You literally are scooping ingredients from a bowl using a spoon, then using the scoop as a sort of I-pick-you-choose with another player. Every turn is a double-sided negotiation, I want you to give away a bit of your secret in return for a bit of my secret. I set the terms (to the best of my scooping ability), but you decide whether we’re hinting at information or acting on what we already know. This is no game of memorization where you’re trying to trick people or force their hand. This is a civilized contest of deducing your opponents desires and ruining them through gifts. All that while scooping cubes with a spoon, & killing husbands.

Matt Wolfe will be in the Camp Prototype area Saturday 9:30am-12:30pm.
  • Holiday Horror: Protect your precious orphan children from the holiday mythological creatures arriving throughout the game.
  • Politics of Dragons: Play cards with 2 events to share with another player as you run for office in a fantasy dragon society.
  • Substitute Art Teacher:  A party game where you attempt to convince the other students you know something about art. Use picture frames to highlight a section of artwork that you think conveys 1 of 6 ridiculous feelings on display. Get the students to correctly guess to win (and save your job)!