Unpub Prime 2023

  • March 13, 2023 11:57 PM

Heading to Unpub Prime this weekend? This is where you can find us!

Quentin Burleson will be at table L5 Saturday 12pm-4pm.

  • Fright Falls: A co-operative game about trying to escape a summer camp while being chased by an axe wielding serial killer.
  • Toyline: A competitive game about being Toy Manufacturers attempting to release the next hottest toy.
  • Trick Force: A one versus many trick taking game about a group of heroes taking down an evil villain.

Mark McGee will be at table K5 Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday 12pm-4pm.

  • Tether: Astronauts love floating in space, but not all by themselves. Tether them together so they don’t drift through the galaxy alone.
  • Towers and the Things Between Them: Build paths to connect your tower to important places and "important" places. Make other towers while you're at it, and move your influence along the paths you build.

Mark will also be on the "How Many Dollars Does it Take to Start a Publishing Company" panel Friday 10am-11am in Salon E.

Fun bonus! Mark will be running "Maximize Gameplay - Giant game of Just One!" Saturday 9:30pm-11pm in Salon C.

Josh Mills will be at table J1 for the entire weekend.

  • Milkman: You'll take on the role of a local dairy farmer, doing your best to manage your farm, keep the cows happy, process and deliver whole, skim, and chocolate milk, and persuade local customers that your milk is definitely the freshest and tastiest around. Each round, all players roll a certain number of custom dice with all the actions available to do what's mentioned above. They may press their luck and re-roll those dice a couple of times, or match up sets to get the result they want. The active player will have a few more dice to work with which, unfortunately, can't be re-rolled, but can be manipulated with cash on hand.

Joel Salda will be at table J7 Saturday from 3pm-7pm.

  • Please Hold: A cooperative, hidden information game about resolving angry callers in a call center.
  • WordCraft: A cooperative story game and dungeon crawler where players use letters and words to uncover and solve the puzzles.

Clarence Simpson will be at table L3 on Friday from 5pm-7pm, and at table C5 Saturday from 12-4.

  • VNTYPLTS: A party game about creating vanity license plates.
  • Horns of Harlem: Manage a jazz band during the Harlem Renaissance, competing to gain the most fame. Hire Musicians, Busk, Network, Play Gigs, and hit the Recording Studio. Tableau building, worker placement, and contract fulfillment.

Clarence will also be on the "Pitching Lessons Learned from Designers" panel on Friday from 11am-noon in Salon D.

Matt Wolfe will be at table E5 Saturday 10am-2pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

  • Henhouse: Arrange chickens carefully in your henhouse to make the chickens happy. Certain chickens want to be next to other chickens, while others want to be on a specific level of the henhouse. Where you place the chicken determines what card you add to your hand from the market. And sometimes you'll want to build a roof on your henhouse, too. Whoever best manages their henhouse will win!
  • The Politics of Dragons: You're a dragon politician running for office in a modern dragon society. Hold campaign events, give landmark speeches, earn endorsements, and spend political favor all in an effort to convince the voters you're the best candidate for their pet issue. Issues like Princess Relations or Fire. The politician with the most votes by the end of the election will win!
  • Substitute Art Teacher: The regular art teacher is sick today and you're the only substitute teacher available. You agree to cover the class, but there's a problem: You don't know anything about art. You normally teach gym class. Can you convince the students that you really do know what you're talking about?