Thieving Animals

Matt Wolfe 13  



30-45 minutes


You rise in the morning in your woodland home, jealous that the humans have all the vegetables and gardens. You decide to organize your fellow animals to try to steal vegetables and claim gardens from the humans! Birds fly to your side to help. Rabbits hop over to have your back. Groundhogs dig up from the ground to lend support. And even the wily raccoons have decided to join up for the cause. The woodland animals are ready for the fight!

Overview and Goal of the Game

Thieving Animals plays over several rounds during which you play animals to steal vegetables, claim gardens, and then recruit new animals to your hand. Each round you play cards from your hand to try to steal the most vegetables and claim the garden, or withdraw from the round and recruit new animals to your hand. When you withdraw from a round you check to see if you were successful in stealing any vegetables or claiming the garden.

Shrewd card play and a little luck will be the difference between winning the game and just another animal in the wilds!